Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most common questions received from homeowners.  If you have additional information which would be helpful in supplementing this FAQ, please contact us and let us know how we can improve this.

Exterior Fixtures

Section 7.12 of the Architectural Guidelines states that, "[n]o person shall change the exterior lighting of any home that is different than the original lighting without the proposed lighting having been approved by the ARC."  However, the Board of Directors recognizes that damage can occur to these exterior fixtures that require prompt repair.
The Board of Directors is working to provide pre-approved fixtures which will allow a homeowner to conduct necessary repairs without a lengthy approval process.  In the meantime, the Architectural Review Committee has agreed on a particular lamppost as conforming.  This information is being provided here to homeowners making repairs.
This conforming lamppost can be installed by C.P. Electric (703-365-0444) at a cost of approximately $500 for the removal of the old post and installation of the new one.  The Buckley's Reserve HOA does not endorse either the products or the installer, but is providing this information only as a helpful service to homeowners.  Homeowners are welcome to search for a different conforming lamppost or a different installer.  Please see the attachments below for information regarding the approved fixtures.
For any lampposts varying from the original design, we require approval through the normal review process. Please review the relevant information regarding the Architectural Review Committee and submit a request.

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Common Grounds

The pond is the property of Fairfax county and is therefore maintained by the county. However, the county performs little to no routine maintenance.

In order to keep the pond looking nice, the Board of Directors voted to hire Angler Environmental Inc. to cleanup and maintain the pond. This has proven especially useful in the past when a number of fish died due to unusual oxygen levels in the pond. Angler Environmental performed the cleanup!

Approximately every 10 days, depending on weather and growing conditions.